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Best Year of 2013

its been awhile that i have stop my blog after my break up.
Life been sucks n i am changing my role to make my career success . 

well, this year been good for me . 
i got my own car, and new iPhone , new Room and even new Boyfriend. 

wow! thats not bad. =)
i seen a lots of awesome scenery freshen up my mind. 
oh ya! and even been Bali trip with my girlfriend  and also Hongkong trip wit my loves one. 

He make me believe Loves is actually works it again when u meet the right ones.

Attend Gd friend 's wedding dinner. 
and lately just had BACKTOSCHOOL xmas annual dinner in my current office. 

I believe next year 2014 will be good for US..

welcome 2014. =) 


A view of mount Batur. after 4-6 hour climb.

lying there enjoy the wind breeze. whats a life! =) 

trip to singapore USS

The one who love me until he dies and me-DUCK FACE
Xmas dinner comic from me!

outfit of the day! 2nd price best dress!

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new year 2013, which i really looks forward this year. cos last year hurt me terrible ! 

however i think i still in recovering. . 

today i dream about him run away with another girl. 

i think he hurt me the most. 

cry* in heart. and wake up. 

now stand up and get working.! 

MOrning! peeps! =) 

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well, this is my blog. i just wants to express all my feeling inside to here.
if anyone dun like to watch. then just close it.

dec 6, he come back at 2am. like that wake up me just to told me broke up..
until today i realize that its actually we got a girl in between. and the girl i know her. and she know we both together. i dunno how she do that. but a clap need two hands i bet both of them got somethings happens and he just because of bored or what give a lots of ridiculous excuse.

like bad timing?love like a sisters ? dun like commitments? wants to go work oversea? all fuck up reasons...

i will hate them.


and i had block them in FB
bitch and bastard

in my heart i seriously wish them they both will karma..

but. somehow. i learn something.

i will never trust a guy and a HOT bitch again.

cos bitch will definitely flirt around and who interest. and its just mess me around.

i hope we never meet again!. times heal. yes i know. but no matter how, its will still have a scar.
 now thinks back again. i just too stupid.

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its just really sucks when u giving your piece of the ones you love and he just take it and runaway.
 i just cant help myself. i'm in love wit you. but you can pull out so easily.

just god damn cant understand. =(

its sucks

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its going again! my love relationship FAIL again!

why its happened again?=( sob sob.

bored leads to break up . izzit it?

or may b i too active runner in this relationship to cause this everything. if really YES, i fucking regrets right now. cos i really god damn LOVE him. =(

i really wants him to become my last one. but shits just happens.

its really hard for me this time. cos he really treat me well. and i really motherfuck miss him now..

today is my 1st break day. he told me like 2-3am in the morning. i really wish its a gd news for me. sadly, its not.! -(

after that i insomnia  i cant sleep.. i really cant sleep. even i trying to close my eyes.. OMG, i really dunno whether i can pass through it or not..

i means i really wants to become "ME" back... but right now. whole my head and hearts just cant really think properly..

i miss him .. why he just dun give us a chances to try it again. =(

i do love him.

no appetite even though i wants to eat.
wants to sleep. but my brains fuck me up..

how lah,....

very very depressing right now..

i need friends.. =( i need them right now..

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every couple has its own problem. whats yours?

after i watched this article, 
15reasons why you bored with your relationship
i think my one definitely confirm that i have a boring daily routine. A Workoholic boyfrined, my god sounds really boring already. No life..

my love life i really predictable how's my next next week outing or next month outing..
either watch movie or dinner or lunch or breakfast.

sometimes i do feels boring even having meal together. because the setting are mostly the same. sigh. we aren't going anywhere. its just really REALLY boring.

Boring until i really dunno what to do.

i think of moving out from his house. but on the other side, if he still never plan what;s we going do like weekend together. most likely is my suggestion and sometimes i do even do feels lazy to think about it already.

HE is LIKE Most of the time never plan where we heading to.
gentlement? i dunno. sometimes. i really do need supprise also.

i really do my Best already. like Birthday, i draw a painting  to supprise him eventhough he not that kind person will celebrated birthday. but WE ARE COUPLE, i really think we should do all the special event together. otherwise , what for we being couple. Better Back to single right?

btw, these day i really felt i am so alone .

sigh. these days are too emotionall to me i guess.
but i really hope my love life do improve in the future.. Not like i alone working hard in this relationship.

i will tired also. okay.
why in my every previous relationship.
i always the one find you first for movie or anything.

I NEED somethings excited me OKay! 
Last time that dated excited us is which one? i think i also cant remember d.
somtimes i really hioe that one day u said , come lets go we go genting or melacca or what just for 1 day trip.

lets go jogging in the park or lets go somewhre which i cant predicted.   i guess it will be hard gua.
may b will never happens

its really wtf downhill right now.
nothing excitement me.

sad & he is like Nothing. i really doubts he really know what happens in our relationship or not. ==

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There got quite a number of mosquito fly around in my KL house.
OMG. cant find where they all actually come from..
even though i open the charger- mosquito liquid one.
the MOSQUITO like wont die. ARGH 
i told the same things to my boyfriend. he was like oh. then buy some mosquito coil  back home lor.

until he come back home, he was like slapping them to death. MUAhahhahaha. when i just half open my eyes this morning.

Acting too cute lar ~ LOL.
worried that is denggi ! my god.

here camwhore of us. before& after watching SKYFALL hehe.
woo~ my arm looks gd in the pic. =)

night =)

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