Best Year of 2013

its been awhile that i have stop my blog after my break up.
Life been sucks n i am changing my role to make my career success . 

well, this year been good for me . 
i got my own car, and new iPhone , new Room and even new Boyfriend. 

wow! thats not bad. =)
i seen a lots of awesome scenery freshen up my mind. 
oh ya! and even been Bali trip with my girlfriend  and also Hongkong trip wit my loves one. 

He make me believe Loves is actually works it again when u meet the right ones.

Attend Gd friend 's wedding dinner. 
and lately just had BACKTOSCHOOL xmas annual dinner in my current office. 

I believe next year 2014 will be good for US..

welcome 2014. =) 


A view of mount Batur. after 4-6 hour climb.

lying there enjoy the wind breeze. whats a life! =) 

trip to singapore USS

The one who love me until he dies and me-DUCK FACE
Xmas dinner comic from me!

outfit of the day! 2nd price best dress!

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