every couple has its own problem. whats yours?

after i watched this article, 
15reasons why you bored with your relationship
i think my one definitely confirm that i have a boring daily routine. A Workoholic boyfrined, my god sounds really boring already. No life..

my love life i really predictable how's my next next week outing or next month outing..
either watch movie or dinner or lunch or breakfast.

sometimes i do feels boring even having meal together. because the setting are mostly the same. sigh. we aren't going anywhere. its just really REALLY boring.

Boring until i really dunno what to do.

i think of moving out from his house. but on the other side, if he still never plan what;s we going do like weekend together. most likely is my suggestion and sometimes i do even do feels lazy to think about it already.

HE is LIKE Most of the time never plan where we heading to.
gentlement? i dunno. sometimes. i really do need supprise also.

i really do my Best already. like Birthday, i draw a painting  to supprise him eventhough he not that kind person will celebrated birthday. but WE ARE COUPLE, i really think we should do all the special event together. otherwise , what for we being couple. Better Back to single right?

btw, these day i really felt i am so alone .

sigh. these days are too emotionall to me i guess.
but i really hope my love life do improve in the future.. Not like i alone working hard in this relationship.

i will tired also. okay.
why in my every previous relationship.
i always the one find you first for movie or anything.

I NEED somethings excited me OKay! 
Last time that dated excited us is which one? i think i also cant remember d.
somtimes i really hioe that one day u said , come lets go we go genting or melacca or what just for 1 day trip.

lets go jogging in the park or lets go somewhre which i cant predicted.   i guess it will be hard gua.
may b will never happens

its really wtf downhill right now.
nothing excitement me.

sad & he is like Nothing. i really doubts he really know what happens in our relationship or not. ==