its going again! my love relationship FAIL again!

why its happened again?=( sob sob.

bored leads to break up . izzit it?

or may b i too active runner in this relationship to cause this everything. if really YES, i fucking regrets right now. cos i really god damn LOVE him. =(

i really wants him to become my last one. but shits just happens.

its really hard for me this time. cos he really treat me well. and i really motherfuck miss him now..

today is my 1st break day. he told me like 2-3am in the morning. i really wish its a gd news for me. sadly, its not.! -(

after that i insomnia  i cant sleep.. i really cant sleep. even i trying to close my eyes.. OMG, i really dunno whether i can pass through it or not..

i means i really wants to become "ME" back... but right now. whole my head and hearts just cant really think properly..

i miss him .. why he just dun give us a chances to try it again. =(

i do love him.

no appetite even though i wants to eat.
wants to sleep. but my brains fuck me up..

how lah,....

very very depressing right now..

i need friends.. =( i need them right now..