well, this is my blog. i just wants to express all my feeling inside to here.
if anyone dun like to watch. then just close it.

dec 6, he come back at 2am. like that wake up me just to told me broke up..
until today i realize that its actually we got a girl in between. and the girl i know her. and she know we both together. i dunno how she do that. but a clap need two hands i bet both of them got somethings happens and he just because of bored or what give a lots of ridiculous excuse.

like bad timing?love like a sisters ? dun like commitments? wants to go work oversea? all fuck up reasons...

i will hate them.


and i had block them in FB
bitch and bastard

in my heart i seriously wish them they both will karma..

but. somehow. i learn something.

i will never trust a guy and a HOT bitch again.

cos bitch will definitely flirt around and who interest. and its just mess me around.

i hope we never meet again!. times heal. yes i know. but no matter how, its will still have a scar.
 now thinks back again. i just too stupid.